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Chapter 1 Example 01-K

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Advanced Drumming System...

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Chapter 2 Example 02-D

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Chapter 3 Example 03-E

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New Drumming App 'Groove Vault' is available to download.

Load, play and edit your favourite beats and grooves. New beats added regularly.

Android: Groove Vault for Android
iOS: Groove Vault for iPhone/iPad

Song Tempo - The Live Performance Metronome.

Store your gig playlists and monitor the tempo visually. No need for headphones!

Android: Song Tempo for Android
iOS: Song Tempo for iPhone/iPad

'Filling Time' includes:

  • Rock Beats and Fills
  • Funk Grooves
  • Linear Fills
  • Shuffles
  • Swing patterns
  • Multiple tempo demonstration
  • Over 200 MP3s

Chapter 4 Example 04-R

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Chapter 5 Example 05-C

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Chapter 8 Example 08-F

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  • Gospel chops
  • Independence building
  • Bass drum & hand technique
  • Advanced syncopation
  • 32nd note grooves
  • Hundreds of individual exercises
  • Years of practise material

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